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100 Girls by Bunny Yeager. A.S.Barnes,                                                                                                            1965
How I photograph Myself by Bunny Yeager. NY A.S. Barnes                                                                             1964
How I Photograph Nudes by Bunny Yeager. NY A. S. Barnes                                                                            1963
Camera in the Caribbean by Bunny Yeager. Louisville, Whitestone Pubs:                                                         1965
Bunny Yeager's New Photo Discoveries by Bunny Yeager
A B C's of Figure Photography by Bunny Yeager
How to Photograph the Figure by Bunny Yeager. Louisville, Whitestone:                                                           1963
How to Take Figure Photos by Bunny Yeager. Louisville, Whitestone:                                                                1962
Bunny Yeager's Photo Studies by Bunny Yeager. . Louisville, Whitestone:                                                         1960 [Also 1963, abridged]
Photographing the Female Figure by Bunny Yeager. Greenwich, Fawcett:                                                         1957
The Art of Glamour Photography by Bunny Yeager. Amphoto: 1962
Drawing the Human Figure using Photographs by Bunny Yeager. NY, A.S. Barnes:                                            1965
Camera in Jamaica by Bunny Yeager, A. S. Barnes & Company, South Brunswick:                                             1967 
Bettie Page Confidential, St. Martin's Press                                                                                                           1994   ISBN 0-312-10940-7
Bunny Yeager's Bikini Girls of the 1950s, Schiffer Publishing                                                                                 2004  ISBN 0-7643-2002-5
Bunny Yeager's Flirts of the Fifties, Schiffer Publishing                                                                                          2007  ISBN 0-7643-2637-6
Bunny Yeager's Darkroom: Pin-up Photography's Golden Era, by Petra Mason (Author),

Dita Von Teese (Introduction)                                                                                                                                 2012 

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